Nora Dunn and her ‘tramp-stamp passport’

Longtime travel blogger and train fanatic Nora Dunn talks about what happens when Eastern medicine goes south, emptying vomit buckets in Peru, why no one should skydive naked, and whether zip-off convertible pants are a sign of the apocalypse. (Episode contains adult language and content.)

Guest bio: In 2006, Nora Dunnsold her financial planning practice in Toronto, got rid of all of her belongings, went on the road, and started the Professional Hobo blog. Over the next 12 years, she traveled slowly through more than 60 countries, apprenticed with a shaman in Peru for 2 years, worked as a shaman’s assistant in Ecuador, and amassed a book’s worth of wild, wonderful and bizarre tales from the road. Follow here at: @HoboNora on Twitter, on Facebook, andn on YouTube.

Host: Spud Hilton (@spudhilton)

Episode co-host: Gary Arndt

Location: Billings Hotel and Convention Center, Billings, Mont.

Theme music: “Camelboots,” by 84 Rooms (1982)