Host, Founder: Spud Hilton
A 30-year journalist who wrote and edited travel stories for the San Francisco Chronicle for almost 20 years, Spud hasn’t found a beloved travel cliche that he didn’t want to poke holes in, or a widely held myth he didn’t want to explode. The podcast is a chance to do both — as well as to hang out with some of his favorite people (and a few bottles of wine). Follow him on Instagram at @SpudHilton.

Co-Host, Co-Founder: Krislyn Hashimoto
She’s a Hawaiian force of nature in a diminutive package. A longtime travel PR professional based in Oahu, Krislyn has seen a lot of the globe (as well as a lot of the globe’s cocktails) and never hesitates to make an ordinary situation into a party, appropriate or not. Not surprisingly the idea for this podcast came when Krislyn and Spud Hilton were at a bar in San Francisco after a few (ahem) refreshments. Follow her at @AuntieRedCup on Instagram.

Co-Host: Molly Blaisdell
A third generation San Franciscan, Molly is a PR professional with her own company, Hook, Line & Thinker. More importantly, she knows travel, has a wicked sense of humor (and sometimes snorts if she laughs too hard) and knows her way around a cocktail menu — all traits that make her a great partner on the podcast. She can be found at

Co-Host: Tasha Hacker
Tasha Hacker is an adventuring writer (blog: and filmmaker (YT Channel: Chase the Story Sailing) who traveled the world working as an English teacher, founded schools in the U.S. for training ESL teachers, then sold the schools to sail around the world with her husband … who became her ex-husband by the end of that journey. Now she’s writing about starting over at Tasha’s Turf ( and dropping in to host this highly inappropriate podcast. Turf to Surf: Chase the Story:

Co-Host: Ann Head Hilton
A lifelong Californian, Ann Head Hilton had no aspirations of being on the Inappropriate Traveler podcast, but bravely jumped in when a co-host was needed during an episode with Pam Mandel. She moonlights as an accountant with an international law firm.  Find her rare photos of the first Burning Man events at Black Rock on Instagram: @AnnHeadHilton